Voices for Truth and Dignity (VOICE) is a timely, groundbreaking, continent-wide project that aims to combat sexual violence in European Sport through the voices of those affected. Led by ENSE member the German Sports University and featuring the University of Vienna and the University of Southern Denmark, this project has generated crucial research data for the European sport community by listening to the voices of those that have been affected by sexual violence in sport.

An ERASMUS+ funded project, VOICE is based on the principle that policy and initiatives generated from the accounts of those that have experienced sexual violence in sports settings will be highly valued and, therefore, most effective in ‘reaching’ the sports community and promoting knowledge-transfer, education and development.

On May 4 and 5 2018, in Cologne, a final project conference took place where study results together with new educational resources developed for the European sport community were presented and connected strategies for coach education in the participating countries (Germany, Denmark, Austria, Belgium and Slovenia) were discussed as well as key lessons for policy and prevention. Members from the three aforementioned ENSE members were present for the conference, as was ENSE president Karen Petry.

An important resource at an important time, more information about the project and the conference can be found here

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