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Promoting the sector of sport education at the European level

The European Network of Sport Education (ENSE, formerly known as ENSSEE) is an international non-profit organisation and has been active in the field of sport education in Europe since 1989. The organisation focuses on projects aimed at developing and promoting the sector of sport and sport sciences at the European level, especially as they relate to physical education, coaching, management as well as health and physical activity.

As the first organisation of its kind, ENSE enjoys a strong reputation across the continent and is a leader in regards sport education and policy.

ENSE's role in the complex organisational environment of Sport is defined through four factors: the network’s expertise in the subject of sport education, the network’s membership diversity, its relationships to several other European organisations — including the European Council's Working Group on Human Resources Development in Sport — and a team combining academic and practical expertise.

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The active leisure sector, including the fitness and outdoor sectors, has intensively worked on its own skills agenda in recent years. Accordingly the Blueprint Project focuses on developing new skills for current and future workers, improving employability of young people, and supporting entrepreneurship and growth across the sector.

football3 for all

Focusing on the football3 methodology – an innovative tool to use football to generate social change – this project aims to further expand the reach of this method by creating a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) in order to provide free, location-independent learning opportunities for individuals and organisations.


The Social Entrepreneurship Training Program for Athletes (SENTA) project, aims to help athletes develop, fund, and implement projects related to social, cultural or environmental issues and transform them into valuable social and economic drivers


Working with schools and teachers, this project will target a major, current societal problem: The migrant and refugee crisis in Europe. The objective of the project is to help address these challenges and to develop innovative, evidence-based intercultural pedagogy in physical education and coaching.


Over the years, ENSE has been part of numerous projects aiming at the development and alignment of sport education, be it in higher education, the professional sphere or in the non-formal sector.

Working Groups and Committees

Expert Group on Skills and Human Resource Development in Sport

Led by the European Commission, this group represents an opportunity for Members States to discuss key issues in the field of sport as well as exchange experiences and good practices, and allows for invited pan-European sport organsations to contribute to the proceedings as observers.

Consultative Committee of the Enlarged Partial Agreement on Sport (EPAS)

Created by the Council of Europe, EPAS provides a platform for intergovernmental sports co-operation between its member states. It also encourages dialogue between public authorities, sports organisations, networks, and NGOs.


2019 – XV ENSE Forum, Vienna, Austria

2017: XIV ENSE Forum, Aarhus, Denmark

2015: XIII ENSSEE Forum, Rome, Italy

1989-2013 – Previous Forums



Who we are
Thomas Skovgaard
Thomas Skovgaard
President – Denmark
Associate Professor and Head of Centre, Department of Sports Science and Clinical Biomechanics, University of Southern Denmark, Odense
Karen Petry
Karen Petry
Past President – Germany
Researcher and Head, Institute of European Studies, German Sport University, Cologne ENSSEE/ENSE Vice President, 2011-2017
Louis Moustakas
Louis Moustakas
Secretary General
Researcher at the Institute of European Studies, German Sport University, Cologne
Harald Tschan
Harald Tschan
Treasurer – Austria
Professor and Head, Department of Training and Movement Science, University of Vienna
Ladislav Petrovic
Ladislav Petrovic
Member-at-large – Hungary
Secretary General, International Council for Coaching Excellence (ICCE), Leeds and Budapest
Johan de Jong
Johan de Jong
Member-at-large – Netherlands
Lecturer Healthy Lifestyle, Sports and Physical Activity, Institute for Sport Studies, Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen
Michal Bronikowski
Michal Bronikowski
Member-at-large – Poland
Assoc. Prof. and Head of the Department of Didactics and Physical Activity, University School of Physical Education of Poznan
Antonio Tessitore
Antonio Tessitore
Member-at-large – Italy
Associate Professor, Sport Movement and Sciences, University of Rome “Foro Italico”
Susana Carla Alves Franco
Susana Carla Alves Franco
Member-at-large – Portugal
Coordinating Professor, Bachelor in Health and Fitness, School of Sport Science, Rio Maior; and Research Center of IP Viseu and IP Santarem
Karsten Froberg
Karsten Froberg
Council Member – Denmark
Professor, FECSS, Centre of Research in Childhood Health, Department of Sports Science and Clinical Biomechanics, University of Southern Denmark

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