ENSE joins Sport and Social Cohesion Lab!

Louis Moustakas
November 20, 2020

Given the increasing change and diversity in European cities, encouraging social cohesion is of utmost importance for stability, growth and solidarity. In light of this, over the last decade, sport and physical activity have become increasingly recognized and implemented as tools to foster social cohesion in neighborhoods, cities and communities around Europe. Yet there remain important gaps in our understanding of how to conceptualise, deliver and measure sport and social cohesion activities.

ENSE is now part of the Sport for Social Cohesion Lab (SSCL) project, which provides an innovative approach to address current gaps in knowledge within sport and social cohesion programming.

As such, the SSCL project will implement a Living Lab approach to directly engage programme participants, generate understanding of the elements that promote social cohesion in a sport setting and to develop relevant tools to allow for the exploration, measurement and improvement of social cohesion outcomes in highly diverse but vulnerable urban neighbourhoods.

Through this, the SSCL project aims to increase social cohesion and support practitioners in delivering high quality sport for social cohesion programmes.

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