Sport is a powerful tool for socio-economic development as well as personal and collective well being. In research and higher education, this involves the expansion of Physical Education while accounting for new science, implications and job market need: in teaching, training, management, health, social work, and so on.

Many Western Balkan countries, with their growing economies and developmental prospects, are becoming aware of these new opportunities, particularly as they look at the European Union’s accession policies, but they need to fill a gap.

Based on two previous Tempus projects conducted to implement the Bologna Process and an initial curricular reform, this new project aims at:

  1. extending the reform to other Western Balkan Universities and to Serbia, fostering harmonisation in the region and with the European Union;
  2. developing a common approach to Sport Science accounting for modern standards
  3. addressing national and regional prioroties with a vocationally oriented Master and Lifelong Learning Programme targeting Sport Science professions

To find out more about this project, you can visit the official website here.

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