15th ENSE Forum to be held in Vienna

Louis Moustakas
September 14, 2018
Vienna at night by Hans Permana

Vienna at night by Hans Permana

The 15th ENSE Forum will be held Vienna, Austria on the 26th and 27th of September 2019 under the theme Sport – Education – Society. Links and Solutions

Sport and Physical Education holds an important place in the lives of many EU citizens and has the potential for social inclusion and development both in and through sport. However, sport itself does not necessarily foster societal change. For sport to generate societal impact, the education of teachers, coaches and trainers plays an essential role. In this respect, the professional competence, skills and knowledge of teachers, trainers and coaches is of critical importance. When considering the connection between sports education and societal values, the focus is not only on a physical fitness and motor skills, but competences and skills in areas such as intercultural education, inclusive teaching, diversity management, relationship building, conflict resolution, and counselling.

The Forum will offer a space for reflection and discussion about the potential of sport to address the societal and educational challenges facing Europe and ways to maximise this potential. Through interactive sessions, working groups and presentations, the Forum will generate knowledge and recommendations that will help both researchers and practitioners alike.

More details on the forum will be released in the coming months. If you are interested in more information about presenting or participating in the forum, you can reach out to us at info(a)sporteducation.eu

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