The latest meeting of the Blueprint Project took place on online platforms instead of Brussels, as originally planned, due to Covid-19.

The 6th project meeting on 21st of May was an opportunity for all project partners to inform each other about the latest updates on Covid-19 in partner countries and its effects on fitness and outdoor sectors. Then the ambitious set of 12 intellectual outputs of the projects, which are almost completed, were discussed. Finally the possibility of organizing the last meeting of the project in person in Brussels was assessed.

The Blueprint for Skills Cooperation and Employment in Active Leisure is a 3-year European project focusing on developing new skills for current and future fitness and outdoors workers, for improving employability of young people, and supporting entrepreneurship and growth across the sector, through a fruitful partnership of expertise.

The proportion of physically inactive citizens in the EU remains unacceptably high. 42% of EU citizens do not exercise or play sport at all (2017).

This might indicate that the message about the importance of sport and physical activity for an individual's health and wellbeing has still not got through to significant segments of the EU population. More and more Europeans eat unhealthily and suffer chronically from stress. In the past 50 to 70 years, generations of us did not learn about the health & prevention guidelines, that research is giving us now, so it’s time for a knowledge update. Not only for the consumer, but specially for professionals who work with consumers in the areas of healthcare, sports and lifestyle.

To work toward a solution, more attention should be put into spreading the knowledge and understanding of what is a healthier life: for youth, adults and seniors, and also for people with special health-related conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, post-cancer treatment or pregnancy. That’s why the European Erasmus+ approved the development of the New Health Program 'Lifestyle/health promoter'. ( name organization ) in ( name country ) is a partner in this project. The Lifestyle/health knowledge center and academy that is being developed will provide scientific information and courses to professionals, volunteers and consumers with easy to obtain, understand and use tools to improve physical activity levels, healthy eating, a health mindset, mind(re)set, positive health and a healthy lifestyle. The partnership, will work together with EuropeActive and the partner countries of the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Lithuania and Slovakia, to develop education standards for Lifestyle/health promotor, a free consumer lifestyle platform and Lifestyle/health promotor course and e-learning. They will also conduct research on the role and impact the Lifestyle/health promoter will have on behavioral change of the target groups.

The Lifestyle/health promoter can be a sports professional, healthcare professional, teacher, but also a community worker, member of a sport organization or volunteer. New Health provides them with motivation and knowledge about healthy eating, sports, the risks of unhealthy living and the use of doping. This partnership will create and support a European network of Lifestyle/health promoters. The project coordinator is the New Health Foundation in the Netherlands, partners are Sport Sciences School of Rio Maior (ESDRM): Portugal, EuropeActive: Belgium, Lithuanian Association of Health and Fitness Clubs: Lithuania, Fitness Federation: Belgium, Association Europea Deporte, Ejercicio Y Salud (AEDESA): Spain and Comenius University (Faculty of Physical Education and Sports): Slovakia. The expert panel of the project is is made up of the European Network of Sport Education (ENSE): Austria, Movisie: the Netherlands, Knowledge Center Sports: the Netherlands (KCSportNL), NL Active the Netherlands and Jan Middelkamp: the Netherlands.

On March 5 and 6, the partners of the project met in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, for a successful kick-off meeting.

This project is supported by the Erasmus+ program of the European Union, and you can find more information at

“Training the Female Sport for All Leaders of Tomorrow” aims to equip and empower a new generation of young European and African women who are engaged in Sport for All with the necessary skills, knowledge, experiences and guidance to lead the global Sport for All Movement.

Through a comprehensive global mobility and mentoring scheme, the participants will strengthen their future employability and enhance their personal and professional development through the acquisition of new skills and knowledge gained through non-formal education and time spent in a foreign country.

This project is led by The Association for International Sport For All (TAFISA) and also includes ENSE, as well as the Slovenian Olympic Committee and the African Union Sports Council Region 5.

Through this scheme, mentoring trios comprised of one mentee from Africa, one mentee from Europe and one mentor (either from Africa or Europe) will be created. These trios will share knowledge and experiences, the mentees will work on a collaborative project, and each mentee will participate in three international, face-to-face mobility activities

As part of this project, ENSE is looking for two European mentees from within its network to take part in this mentorship scheme. Due to the difficulties created by the Covid-19 situation around the world, the application deadline has been extended to May 1, 2020. Application documents can be sent to info (a)

Please note that mentees need to be affiliated with current ENSE member organisations to be eligible (see our members here). Individuals from other organisations will not be considered at this point.

Mentees are expected to fully comply with all project Guidelines and are asked to submit a completed Application Form and Letter of Support when applying.

Photo by TAFISA

From 6th to 7th of February, The Association For International Sport For All (TAFISA) hosted the kick-off meeting for the project “Training the Female Sport for All Leaders of Tomorrow”, co-funded by the European Commission.

Besides representatives from the African Union Sports Council Region 5, the Olympic Committee of Slovenia, the University of Ljubljana as well as TAFISA, Louis Moustakas, Secretary General of ENSE, joined the two-days meeting in Frankfurt, Germany. This meeting provided the project partners with an opportunity to discuss the project objectives and plan the next steps which involve recruiting mentors and mentees from Europe and Southern Africa to create “mentoring trios” as a way to empower young women and equip them with the necessary skills and knowledge to lead the Sport for All Movement. ENSE will contribute two mentors and mentees from the ENSE network to the project. 

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