On June 28th, ENSE joined the the EU Advisory Group of the ESSA-Sport project in Brussels, which was hosted at the offices UNI Europa and EU Athletes.

ESSA-Sport will deliver the first Employment and Skills map of the sport and physical activity sector – a sector of huge economic and social significance where new businesses and jobs are being created and new skills are needed to respond to the labour market. Centered around research and consultation, the project is major opportunity for the sector to work collaboratively to identify the skills needed to ensure on-going success and encourage an increasingly active, healthy and inclusive Europe. A 3-year initiative coordinated by the European Observatoire of Sport and Employment (EOSE) and the two recognised EU social partners, the project gathers a total of 24 partners from 18 different EU Member States.

As part of the project's Advisory Group, ENSE plays an important role in providing expertise and insight into the design and delivery the research elements of the project. At the latest meeting of the Advisory Group, ENSE and other participants - including EASE, ENAS, EOC and ENGSO - offered input and advice on the structure, content, and delivery of the employment skills survey.

To find out more about the project, or register your interest in the skills survey, please visit the official project website

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