Productive First Meeting Expert Group on Skills and Human Resources Development in Sport

  On the 21st and 22nd of February the University of Bath hosted the first meeting of the European Commission Expert Group on Skills and Human Resources Development in Sport. ENSE was represented at the meeting by our Project Manager, Louis Moustakas.  For the inaugural meeting, skills and human resources in sport were discussed through many[…]

Blueprint Kick-Off Meeting

  On February 6th and 7th, ENSE joined the kick-off of the Blueprint project led by EuropeActive, which aims at improving the skills and qualifications in the Active Leisure sector – a sector which, broadly speaking, includes fitness and outdoor activities. The project, fully known as Blueprint for Skills Cooperation and Employment in Active Leisure, focuses on[…]

Photo by Hamza Butt via Flickrcommons

Project: Blueprint

The active leisure sector, including the fitness and outdoor sectors, has intensively worked on its own skills agenda in recent years. It recognises the importance of the need for an implementation plan based on the policy recommendations of the Expert Group on Human Resources Development and EU New Skills Agenda. Accordingly the Blueprint for Skills[…]