Project: Sport Empowers Disabled Youth 2 (SEDY2)

Louis Moustakas
November 12, 2020

Start: 01.01.2020
End: 31.12.2022
Coordinator: inHolland University
ENSE Network Partners: Lithuania Sport University, IP Santarem
Other Partners: Finnish Paralympic Committee, Pajulahti, Portuguese Federation of Disability Sport, Gehandicaptensport Nederland, Amsterdam University of Applied Science, Lithuanian Paralympic Committee
Project Website:
Funding: European Commission / Erasmus+ (613130-EPP-1-2019-1-NL-SPO-SCP)

Every person has the same right to participate in play, recreation and sporting activities, but equal access has not always to be the case for youth with disabilities. Instead, youth with disabilities are generally less physically active, participate less in sports activities and show a reduced fitness level compared to their non-disabled peers.

SEDY2 aims to address these issues by encouraging inclusion and equal opportunities in sport. The consortium will be analyzing the field of sport and inclusion and the particular needs of disabled youth within this field of interest. A team of experienced researchers will develop and implement a Sport Participation and INclusion (SPIN) tool. This tool will consist of several practical instruments and interventions to assist youth with a disability to become more physically active.

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