Project: Social Entrepreneurship Training Program for Athletes (SENTA)

Louis Moustakas
November 12, 2020

Start: 01.01.2019
End: 31.03.2021
Coordinator: FURIM Institut
ENSE Network Partners: National University of Physical Education Bucharest (UNEFS)
Other Partners: Catholic University of Murcia, Olympic Committee of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgarian Sport Development Association, Athletes21, Love from the Inside Wellness Society
Project Website:
Funding: European Commission / Erasmus+ (603312-EPP-1-2018-1-NO-SPO-SCP)

Athletes can be important vehicles of social change and it is important to develop the social entrepreneurship competences to support this. However, social entrepreneurship in sports is a relatively new research and education field. There are few or no available structured course curriculum on the topic, especially focusing on the needs and realities of (dual career) athletes.

The overall objectives of the SENTA project are to support the implementation of the EU Guidelines Dual Careers of Athletes through the development of a sports-focused social entrepreneurship program; and to contribute to innovative approaches to social entrepreneurship through an innovative curriculum and gamification based training modules in line with athlete needs and expectations.

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