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Louis Moustakas
June 22, 2018

football3 for all (2019-2022)

Funded via Erasmus+, the aim of the project was to take football3 to a new level. During the duration of football3 for all, a mobile course was created and a certification pathway established to support individuals and organisations in scaling up this innovative methodology for social inclusion.

Interested individuals can sign up for the mobile course and learn how to be a football3 mediator, a football3 trainer and/or a football3 manager in theory and practice. Theoretical knowledge can be acquired by completing the mobile course, while practical experience can be gained by taking part in an in-person training at one of the partner organisations of the project. The mobile course can be found here, and individuals can visit for more information about potential in-person opportunities. A full description of the project and partners can be found here.

Social Entrepreneurship Training Program for Athletes (SENTA) (2019-2021)

The SENTA project are to supported the implementation of the EU Guidelines Dual Careers of Athletes through the development of a sports-focused social entrepreneurship program. Over two years, consortium partners developed and tested an innovative curriculum and gamification based training modules in line with athlete needs and expectations. Today, the SENTA course can be found at Further project details can be found here.

Intercultural Education through Physical Activity, Coaching and Training (EDU:PACT) (2018-2021)

The project developed and implemented a module to train physical education teachers and sport coaches on how to implement intercultural education within their sport sessions. In short, EDU-PACT aimed to prepare physical education teachers and sport coaches for inclusive intercultural education in and through sport by improving the quality of their pre-service and in-service education. The full Module handbook (in five languages) and considerable online resources are now permanently hosted on the ENSE website under

Blueprint for Skills Cooperation and Employment in Active Leisure (2018-2020)

Launched in 2018, the Blueprint for Skills Cooperation and Employment in Active Leisure project was a three-year project and aimed at developing a sector skills strategy for the Active Leisure sector, which combines the fitness and outdoor sectors. Find out more here, or access project outputs here.

SPEACH (2016-2018)

The sport sector can play a positive and major role in stimulating children, youngsters and adolescents in raising awareness and changing behaviour into a more active and healthy lifestyle. Through sport professionals like physical education teachers and sport coaches many people can be reached. Being active in sport is beneficial for health but additional favourable effects occur when other forms of physical activity like walking, cycling, playing are promoted. To support the physical education teachers and sport coaches in their role of promoter of an active and healthy lifestyle, the SPEACH project was developed. As a result, five so called HEPA-modules were developed which can be offered by physical education teachers and sport coaches during their sport sessions with pupils. These modules are all available freely online.

SPEED (2014-2016)

This 3-year project aimed at filling the gap with a common Sport Science higher education system in Albania, Kosovo, and Serbia, introducing  vocationally oriented Masters and Lifelong Learning Programmes based on a learning outcomes and competencies approach, targeting new and old graduates, with flexible learning pathways and permeability among the different Sport Science and Physical Education programmes, while fostering partnership between universities and stakeholders, and practical training in real working environment  to provide a better match between job market needs and the qualifications offered. Ultimately, five vocationally oriented Master programmes were created, and information about these programmes and the related Universities can be found on the project website.

English in Sport (2014-2016)

English is the most common language in the sports world, be it for technical meetings, competitions, refereeing or press conferences. English in Sport aimed to develop multimedia e-learning tool that has a direct link to sport life, practices and competition, and help practitioners master this crucial language

European Bachelor of Physical Activity and Lifestyle (2010-2013)

the impact of lifestyle related health problems requires new approaches. Combined interventions, with an emphasis on sports and physical activity, can play a major role in enhancing a healthy lifestyle for European citizens. For the development, implementation and evaluation of such interventions a new professional is needed, the ‘Physical Activity and Lifestyle professional’. In Europe there is no specific education programme on a bachelor level to educate and train these professionals. In 2010, the Erasmus programme approved our proposal for the development of a new European bachelor programme.

From 2010-2013, the consortium containing eight partners developed a 3-year bachelor programme in 'Physical Activity and Lifestyle Counselling' and pilot tested three semesters. Information on the development of the programme can be found in our publications, while interested applicants can apply for the Bachelor via participating Universities, including the Lithuanian Sports University.

AEHESIS (2003-2007)

Bringing together 86 institutions, the goal of of this project was the alignment of European higher education in sport. To do so, national programmes were integrated into the Bologna framework and matched to the needs of the labour markets. Major outcomes included the mapping of European sport science programs, the creation of a commonly accepted framework of learning outcomes, and the development of a methodology for the comparison of programmes. Archival project information can be found on the AEHESIS website, and more details can also be found in our publications section.

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