Project: football3 for all

Louis Moustakas
November 12, 2020

Start: 01.01.2019
End: 31.12.2021
Coordinator: streetfootballworld
ENSE Network Partners: N/A
Other Partners: Albion in the Community, Associação CAIS, Balon Mundial, Fare network, INEX/Fotbal Pro Rozvoj, MSIS Mazurskie Stowarzyszenie Inicjatyw Sportowych, Oltalom Sport Association, RheinFlanke
Project Website:
Funding: European Commission / Erasmus+ (604510-EPP-1-2018-1-DE-EPPKA3-IPI-SOC-IN)

he aim of the project is to take football3 to a new level. During the duration of football3 for all, a mobile course will be created and a certification pathway will be established.

Interested individuals can sign up for the mobile course and learn how to be a football3 mediator, a football3 trainer and/or a football3 manager in theory and practice. Theoretical knowledge can be acquired by completing the mobile course, while practical experience can be gained by taking part in an in-person training at one of the partner organisations of the project.

The certification that will be granted after a successful completion of the mobile course (basic level) and the in-person training (advanced level) will guarantee an added value for the learner. The project partners will collaborate with key institutions in Europe and beyond in order to gain recognition for the certification.

The football3 training curriculum (mobile course + in-person training) targets staff members of football for good organisations and other individuals working with young people: football coaches, social workers, teachers and others.

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