European Commission Expert Group publishes guidelines on Coaches Competences

Louis Moustakas
May 16, 2020

"Guidelines regarding the minimum requirements in skills and competences for coaches", the result of a three year work by the European Commission Expert Group on Skills and HR Development in Sport (XG HR), is now published.

The publication aims to propose a common minimum set of competences for coaches in Europe. Along with the core competencies a coach should have, the document also outlines how the education or the training modules of the coaches can be improved.

Besides pointing out the growing demands and the expectations from the coaches, the work also emphasizes that coaches are not only role models in sports, but they also teach values such as respect and integrity.

The document was developed over several meetings of the European Commission Expert Group on Human Resources in Sport, including in February 2018 in Bath, UK, in July 2018 in Split, Croatia, in November 2018 in Salzburg, Austria, in May 2019 in Lisbon, Portugal and in November 2019 in Trento, Italy.

ENSE supported the group in its role as an observer, while ENSE member the International Council for Coaching Excellence made significant contributions to the document.

The document is available in English here

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