Erasmus+: Call for Applications 2018

Louis Moustakas
November 17, 2017

On the 25th October, the European Commission published the Call for Proposals for 2018 and the corresponding project guide.

Part of this call includes funding related specifically to sport-based projects. These projects should focus on one of three key areas: learning mobility, cooperation for innovation, and support for policy reports. Grants for small collaborations up to 60000 EUR as well as larger collaborations of up to 400 000 EUR are available.

The deadline for applications is April 5, 2018. The formal application guide can be found here. Organizations wishing to apply for funding in this context must meet the eligibility criteria and conditions set out in the Guide. The document contains detailed information on the objectives, application and award criteria of the different project types and therefore forms the basis for all applicants.

Should you wish to approach ENSE about collaboration on such a project, you are also welcome to do so by contacting us at info (a)

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