ENSE members to take part in Female Leaders of Tomorrow (FLOT) Project

Louis Moustakas
September 14, 2020

Female Leaders of Tomorrow (FLOT) recently announced the new mentors and mentees that were chosen to take part in the project. After a stringent recruitment process, 20 women from 13 countries in Africa and Europe have been selected to be a mentee in the project. These mentees will be supported by a cadre of 11 mentors.

ENSE is well represented within the overall group. Karen Petry, Teresa Odipo (German Sport University) and Paula Noguera (Tempo Livre) will support as mentors in the project, while Briony Walsh (Canterbury Christchurch), Kaija Ruck, and Caroline Tisson (German Sport University) will join as mentees.

FLOT aims to equip and empower a new generation of young European and African women who are currently working (or volunteering) in Sport for All with the necessary skills, knowledge, experiences and guidance to lead the global Sport for All Movement. Through a comprehensive global mobility and mentoring scheme, the participants will strengthen their future employability and enhance their personal and professional development.

The mentees will be guided by their mentors who have been recruited based on their vast knowledge, experiences, and successes across the Global Sport for All Movement. The 11 mentors, from seven countries in Africa and Europe, are responsible for providing tailored mentorship to ten pairs featuring each one African and one European mentee.

FLOT is co-funded by Erasmus+ and is possible thanks to a cooperation between TAFISA, African Union Sport Council Region 5 (AUSC Region 5), the European Network of Sport Education (ENSE) and Olympic Committee of Slovenia Association of Sports Federations (OCS-ASF).

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