ENSE Joins Two New Projects

Louis Moustakas
October 16, 2018

Australian Department of Foreign Affairs

Following the results of the latest round of Erasmus+ funding, ENSE is proud to join two new projects funded by the European Commission. These projects address key challenges in the current sports and societal environment while leveraging innovative methods and new technologies to achieve maximum impact.

The Social Entrepreneurship Training Program for Athletes (SENTA) project, coordinated by the Norway-based Furim Institute, aims to help athletes develop, fund, and implement projects related to social, cultural or environmental issues and transform them into valuable social and economic drivers. To do so, the project will develop an innovative, online, gamification-inspired course curriculum that addresses the challenges related to social entrepreneurship in sports and improves the social entrepreneurship skills and competencies of participating athletes. Relying on its over 30 years of experience in sport education, and its extensive network of expertise, ENSE will play a key role in developing and implementing this curriculum.

ENSE also joins the football3 for all project coordinated coordinated by the international sports NGO streetfootballworld. Named after its ‘three halves’ – a pre-match discussion, football game, and post-match discussion – football3 incorporates key life lessons into every match. This project aims to further expand the reach of this method by creating a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) in order to provide free, location-independent learning opportunities for individuals and organisations looking to tap into the power of football for social change. Complementing this MOOC, an individual and organisational certification pathway will be designed, allowing for the creation and formalization of a critical mass of certified experts. Here, ENSE will play a leading role in the validation and evaluation of the MOOC and the related certification pathway.

Both projects begin in early 2019, with SENTA taking place over two years and football3 for all last 3 years.

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