ENSE and the European Sport Sector

Louis Moustakas
April 14, 2016

The European Network of Sport Education (ENSE) – formerly known as European Network of Sport
Science, Education and Employment (ENSSEE) – is an international non-profit organisation established
in 1989 and registered in France, focused on sport education & training, and its relation with sport
science and employment. It is a network of educational/training institutions, open to individual
members, intended as the ideal meeting place for all stakeholders to develop synergies, ideas and
common initiatives.

ENSE has offices in Rome (University of Rome “Foro Italico” – the Italian Sport University), Cologne
(German Sport University) and Vienna (University of Vienna), and a membership involving all EU
countries and neighboring regions. Its Committees cover a variety of areas and involve well-known experts from all countries and domains.

In its 26 years of existence ENSE has come to bring together the community of education & training institutions and other stakeholders, promoting an increasing harmonization, dialogue and exchanges, and several cooperative programs, which have in many cases become standard references.  Examples are the European Qualification Framework for the five levels of Coach Education, European Masters and Intensive Programmes, the Nomenclature of Sport Economic Activities (NEARS) and Occupations (NEORS), or the Report on Sport Employment in Europe, supported by the EU former DG X in 1999. Its Thematic Network AEHESIS – Aligning a European Higher Educational Structure in Sport Science (2002-2007), was nominated by the EU an Erasmus Success Story. Through it, the Network brought together some 90 organisations from 29 countries in a 4-year-long effort resulting in the extensive mapping of existing study programs and the design of reference curricula in the four identified main areas: Physical Education, Coaching, Health & Fitness, Sport Management.

The Network also started several Joint Curricula that played a major role in promoting mobility and cooperation, and set the scene for the development of full teaching programs with joint degrees, such as the European Master in Health and Physical Activity (Rome-Vienna-Cologne-Odense-Oslo), increasingly successful since over ten years, or the recent Bachelor in Physical Activity and Lifestyle (PALC), etc. This, and the reference curricula designed through AEHESIS, have also been instrumental in several Tempus JEPs and other EU interventions promoting the Bologna Process and an upgrading of sport science in EU neighboring areas, such as Egypt and the Balkans. ENSE is currently contributing to the Tempus project SPEED (Sport Professions: Education, Employment & Development) and the Erasmus+ project SPEACH (Sport , Physical Education and Coaching in Health).

Many of the existing organisations in the European sport sector have actually derived from ENSE, the oldest umbrella organisation of an originally unitary area, which maintains with all excellent relations.

More information about ENSE's history can be found here, while publications are available here.

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