2nd #BeActive Night in Austria

Sport Austria, the central platform for coordination and consultation within the Austrian sports system and a strong supporter of the upcoming ENSE Forum, will be hosting its second ever #BeActive Night on September 28th from 5pm onwards. Taking place this year at 25 locations throughout Austria, activities range from traditional sports such as archery, bowling,[…]

Soccer by MSC U15 Green, via FlickrCommons

ENSE Sport Summit 2017 – Dual Career Workshop

As part of the ENSE Sport Summit 2017, a Dual Career Workshop is being jointly organized by EAS, ESAA and Elitegymnasier.dk. The workshop will take place on Thursday, September 14th 2017 at Ceres Park. Focusing on Dual Career Strategies in Youth Sport, the programme provides insights into the different asects of dual career planning, presents current[…]