Book release "Education in Sport and Physical Activity - Future Directions and Global Perspectives"

Lisa Kalina
March 17, 2022

ENSE Board Members Karen Petry & Johan de Jong published their latest book "Education in Sport and Physical Activity - Future Directions and Global Perspectives".

The book examines education in sport coaching, sport management, PE teacher training, physical activity and health promotion, and the emerging discipline of outdoor studies, considering how trends such as globalisation, digitalisation, and privatisation are having a profound impact on education programs. 

Designed to invite self-reflection, to provoke debate and to open up new cross-disciplinary and international perspectives within sports organisations and higher education institutions, the book is designed for advanced students as well as researchers, teachers, and policy makers and includes contributions from several ENSE members.

It is must-buy for everyone working in the field of sport education and is now available here.

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