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Louis Moustakas
June 23, 2017


Track by Dean Hochman via FlickrCommons

The European Network of Sport Education (ENSE, is a non-profit organisation active since the late 1980s in the promotion of sport science and education in Europe. It is a vast network of academic, professional, sporting and government organisations, with activities and projects throughout Europe. With a presence in more than 30 countries, our work extends to areas such as physical education, coaching, management, health and fitness, and social development.

Our membership is currently open to expansion and, given recently adopted statutes, is open to individuals and organisations. From higher education institution and private employers, to federations and government, all are welcome within our network.

As part of a vast network of academic, professional, sporting and government organizations, you will play a leading role in the European dialogue on sport, including on issues of education, professionalization, and cooperation. ENSE is also an observer in the European Council's Working Group on Human Resources Development in Sport, giving you a unique voice at the EU level.

Members are also welcome to connect with each other and use our web presence to further raise awareness about their activities.

To register for membership, you simply need to fill out our membership form and select your membership category.

We look forward to your applications and, should you have any questions, please do reach out to us


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