16th ENSE Forum to be held in Guimarães

Louis Moustakas
October 24, 2019

The 16th ENSE Forum will take place in Guimarães, Portugal, in 2021.

Tempo Livre, a Portuguese grassroots sports organization and ENSE member, will host the Forum in Guimarães, a city also known as the “birthplace of Portugal”.

Initially founded by the local municipality, Tempo Livre is highly active in the fields of grassroots sports, sports promotion, as well as in the management of local sport facilities. Since 2018, Tempo Livre have also launched their very own sport studies department, the Centro de Estudos Do Desporto Guimarães.

The President of Tempo Livre, Amadeu Portilha, stressed that “it is an honor for Tempo Livre and its Sports Studies Center to have the opportunity to host a congress bringing together some of Europe's leading experts in the field of sport education. Today we are living in a time when the increase in physical inactivity is deeply worrisome because of the profound negative impact it will have on future generations. Sharing knowledge, projects, ideas and good practices, with emphasis on the education of teachers and coaches, is fundamental to the challenges facing today to counteract this trend, ”he said.

More details on the next Forum will be released in the coming months, including the forum theme and dates. In the meantime, if you are interested in more information about presenting or participating in the forum, you can reach out to us at info@sporteducation.eu

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